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Sunday, March 6, 2016 (February 22, 2016 by the Julian calendar)
Sunday of the Last Judgment (meat-free), Tone seven

Uncovering of the relics of the Holy Martyrs at the gate of Eugenius at Constantinople (395-423). New Martyrs Joseph Smirnov protoierey, John Kastorsky deacon, Vladimir Ilinsky priest. John Perebaskin (1918).. New Martyr Theoktista Michailovna, fool-for-Christ of Voronezh (1936). New Hieromartyrs Michael, Victor, John, Sergius, Andrew priests, New Hieromartyr Sergius and Antipa, Virgin-martyrs Irina and Barbara (1938). Martyr Andrew (1941). New Hieromartyr Philaret (1942). Martyrs Maurice and his son Photinus, and Martyrs Theodore, Philip, and 70 soldiers, at Apamea in Syria (305). Sts. Thalassius, Limnaeus, and Baradates, hermits of Syria (5th c.). St. Telesphorus, pope of Rome (127). St. Athanasius the Confessor of Constantinople (826). New Hieromartyr Priest Michael Lisitsyn of Ust-Labinskaya, Russia (1918). St. Papius of Hierapolis (2nd c.). St. Peter the Stylite of Mt. Athos (Greek). St. Abilius, patriarch of Alexandria (98). St. Titus, bishop of Bostra in Arabia (378). Holy Nine Children of Kola, Georgia: Guarami, Adarnasi, Bakari, Vache, Bardzini, Dachi, Djuansheri, Ramazi, and Parsmani (6th c.). St. Leontius of Lycia (6th c.). Sts. Babylus and his wife Comnita of Nicosa (7th c.).

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