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Monday, October 24, 1831 (October 12, 1831 by the Julian calendar)
19th Week after Pentecost, Tone one

Martyrs Probus, Tarachus, and Andronicus at Tarsus in Cilicia (304). St. Cosmas the Hymnographer, bishop of Maiuma (787). New Hieromartyr Nicolos confessor mitropoliten of Alma-Ata (1955). New Hieromartyr Alexander priest (1940). + Translation from Malta to Gatchina of a part of the Life-Creating Cross of the Lord, together with the Philermia Icon of the Mother of God, and the right hand of Saint John the Baptist (1799). Sts. Amphilochius (1452), Macarius, and Tarasius, abbots, and Theodosius, monk, of Glushitsa Monastery (Vologda). Martyr Domnina of Anazarbus (286). St. Martin the Merciful, bishop of Tours (397). "Jerusalem" (48), "Yaroslav-Smolensk" (1642), "Rudensk" (1687) and "Kaluga" (1748) Icons of the Mother of God. St. Mobhi of Glasnevin (544) (Celtic & British). St. Edwin, king and martyr (633) (Celtic & British). St. Wilfrid, archbishop of York (709) (Celtic & British). Virgin-martyr Anastasia of Rome (250) (Greek). St. Theodotus, bishop of Ephesus (Greek.). St. Jason, bishop of Damascus (Greek). St. Symeon the New Theologian (1021) (Greek). St. Theosebius the God-bearer of Arsinoe in Cyprus (Greek). Hieromartyr Maximilian, bishop of Noricum (284). St. Euphrosyne (Mezenova) the Faster, schema-abbess of Siberia (1918). New Hieromartyr John (Pommer) bishop of Riga (1934).

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