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Wednesday, June 21, 2023 (June 8, 2023 by the Julian calendar)
3rd Week after Pentecost, Tone one

Apostles' (Peter & Paul) Fast. [.:] Translation of the relics of Great-martyr Theodore Stratelates (319). St. Theodore, bishop of Rostov and Suzdal (1023). Finding of the relics (1501) of Sts. Basil (1249) and Constantine (1257), princes of Yaroslavl. St. Ephraim, patriarch of Antioch (546). St. Zosimas, monk, of Phoenicia (Syria) (6th c.). New Martyr Theophanes at Constantinople (1559) (Greek). "Yaroslavl" (13th c.) and "Uriupinsk" (1827) Icons of the Mother of God. St. Atre (Athre) of Nitria (Egypt). St. Naucratius, abbot of the Studion (848). St. Theophilus of Luga and Omutch (1412), disciple of St. Arsenius of Konevits (Valaam). Martyrs Nicander and Marcian at Dorostulum in Moesia (303) (Romania). St. Medardus, bishop of Noyon (560) (Neth.). St. Melania the Elder, of Palladius' Lausiac History (Greek). Martyr Nicander (Greek). Martyr Mark (Greek). New Hieromartyrs Barlaam (1942) and his brother Herman (1937) (Riaschentsov) (1937). St. Paul the Confessor, of Kaiuma in Constantinople (766). Priest-martyr Theodore of Kvelta, Georgia (1609) (Georgia). Synaxis of the Church of the Cross at Mtskheta, Georgia (Georgia).

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